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    Terra Alive: ‘Sunday School’.

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    Graphic Lyric Video. Terra Alive are a Californian based Duet, fusing together an eclectic mix of rock, funk and rap […]

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    Hail the Sun: ‘Burn Nice & Slow (The Formative Years)’.

    Animation. - Music Video. - What's New?

    My first music video for Hail the Sun. The video was a part of their marketing campaign, leading up to […]

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    Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen: Motion Graphic Logo.

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    In 2016, Jamie Oliver’s cornish based restaurant ‘Fifteen’ held a ceremony celebrating the apprentices that worked for him throughout the […]

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    Tilian: ‘Tug of War’.

    Animation. - Lyric Video. - What's New?

    Lyric video produced for the first single from Tilian’s 2015 Record ‘Perfect Enemy’. With a turnaround of only two days, […]

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    Out of the Box: ‘Finance’.

    Animation. - Motion Graphics. - Other (Animation). - What's New?

    One of four motion graphic video I created for the ‘Jargon Busters’ series for Out of the Box. Out of […]

  • Tree w-o Beam (1)

    SayWeCanFly: ‘High School’.

    Animation. - Music Video. - What's New?

    Music Video for the Epitaph Records signed Songwriter ‘SayWeCanFly’. This video was initially premiered and pushed through MTVu and MTV […]

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