Hello there!

My name is John, welcome to my creative portfolio!
Here you will find all of the work that I love doing, whether it’s for a professional project or a part of a hobby.

I truly love to create. It’s been a passion of mine since I received my first hand-me-down cassette tape video camera from my father.
Since the early days of creating stop motion films with toy dinosaurs, I’ve achieved a degree in Digital Media, work-shadowed on numerous Disney Channel productions in Hollywood, co-founded the promotional video production company ‘PixelRain’ and have independently established myself as a freelance designer within the music industry on an international level.

My current focus is the latter part of the list. I help musicians and artist managements define their branding within the medium of motion graphic design and animation. From lyric videos to full blown animated music videos, my current work-span has accumulated a collective view count of 16.5 million views, spreading the message out to numerous countries across the globe.

The accessibility of the web makes it easier than ever to promote your music. Alone, the leading platform Youtube has made video marketing within the music industry just as, if not more important than when the whole thing started with MTV. It’s a fantastic way of grabbing the attention of new fans, or even presenting yourself to record labels.
The only difference is now the market is starting to become over-saturated with content – some great, some mediocre.

My ethos is to always aim for greatness. I want to be as proud of the product as you are proud of the music you spent some much time devoting yourself to. As the client, you have the choice of putting in as much or as little say into the development of the product as you wish. As long as you’re happy, then so am I.

If you have any questions regarding anything at all, feel free to drop me a message via the contact tab!
I’ll be sure to respond to you as soon as I can.

Regardless if I hear from you or not, thank you for spending the time to check out the work I do – it means a lot!

John Howe

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